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Videos from the forum "Racism & the Media"


Part 1: Tjanara Goren Goreng

Racism & the Media: Part 1 - Tjanara Goreng Goreng on Vimeo.


Part 2: Chris Graham - Introduction

Racism & the Media: Part 2 - Chris Graham - Introduction on Vimeo.


Then an excerpt from the ABC Lateline video was shown.
Please click here for the complete transcript of the ABC Lateline report.

After the video Chris started to analyse parts of the Lateline report:

Part 3: Chris Graham - Analysis

Racism & the Media: Part 3 - Chris Graham - Analysis on Vimeo.


In the next part of Chris' speech the story becomes even worse:

Part 4: Chris Graham - The doctor

Racism & the Media: Part 4 - Chris Graham - The doctor on Vimeo.


Finally, the sad story comes to a sad end: the consequences for the main characters:

Part 5: Chris Graham - The consequences

Racism & the Media: Part 5 - Chris Graham - Consequences on Vimeo.


As mentioned in the video, the ABC Independent Complaints Review Panel received a complaint about this report. The Panel came to the following findings:
"The Panel has reviewed the Complaint. It has identified 30 allegations for consideration. ...
The Panel has found no breach of the ABC Editorial Policies 2002 to have occurred, except to the extent referred to in its consideration of Allegation 19."
(Allegation 19 dealt with the use of old footage of petrol sniffing misrepresenting the situation as to be the current situation.)
The full report of the panel can be found here.


Part 6 - Qustions & Answers

Racism & the Media: Part 6 - Questions and Answers on Vimeo.