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21 Jun 2015 EIGHT YEARS TOO LONG - NT Intervention - Stronger Futures Protest



NT Intervention - Stronger Futures


Sunday, 21 June - 3pm

Sydney Town Hall


Uncle Albert Hartnett, a Wangkumurra man with first-hand experience of child removal
Ken Canning, Murri writer and poet from the Kunja Clan of the Bidjira Nation
Kyol Blakeney, a Kamilaroi man and Sydney University SRC president
Eva Cox, Research Fellow at Jumbunna, Indigenous House of Learning at UTS
Gerry Georgatos, human rights and social justice campaigner. Editor of The Stringer.

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Media Coverage


Video clips from the event


Kyol Blakeney

8 YEARS TOO LOOOOONG!!! - Kyol Blakeney on Vimeo.


Ken Canning

8 YEARS TOO LOOOOONG!!! - Ken Canning on Vimeo.


Uncle Albert Hartnett

8 YEARS TOO LOOOOONG!!! - Uncle Albert Hartnett on Vimeo.


Eva Cox

8 YEARS TOO LOOOOONG!!! - Eva Cox on Vimeo.


Paddy Gibson

8 YEARS TOO LOOOOONG!!! - Paddy Gibson on Vimeo.


Lyle Davis

8 YEARS TOO LOOOOONG!!! - Lyle Davis on Vimeo.


Gerry Georgatos

8 YEARS TOO LOOOOONG!!! - Gerry Georgatos on Vimeo.