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19 Jan 2012 Rally and vigil Terrance Briscoe


Rally and vigil to mark two weeks since the death of

Terrance Briscoe in police custody in Alice Springs

Thursday January 19th

12:30pm at the office of NT Tourism

201 Sussex st, Sydney

Stop Black Deaths in Custody

Justice for Terrance Briscoe - independent inquiry now, release all evidence to the family

Stop racist laws - no to the 'second Intervention'

Speakers include:

Ray Jackson, Indigenous Social Justice Association

Daniel Taylor, family of the deceased

Robert Dow, former NT Police Officer

Paddy Gibson, Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney

At 2am on January 5 Terrance Briscoe, a 28 year old Anmatyerre man, was found dead in a police cell in Alice Springs. Terrance had been taken into "protective custody" earlier that night after drinking with friends.

The cause of Terrance's death has not yet been determined. Police say he had suffered a fall. Witnesses detained with Terrance allege that he had been assaulted by police. If true, this had not been the first time. Terrance had returned home just weeks prior to his death complaining about police brutality. The NT Chief Minister has rejected calls for an independent investigation. The claims of police brutality will only be investigated by police.

There are many unanswered questions which demand an independent inquiry. And all evidence, such as CCTV footage, must be released to the family immediately. Why was an intoxicated and injured man left to die in a cell? The Royal Commission into Aboriginal Death's in Custody, completed 20 years ago, had a number of recommendations aimed at ending the practice of taking intoxicated people into custody. But the recommendations of the Commission have been ignored and more than 400 Aboriginal people have died in custody since.

The NT Intervention has demonised Aboriginal people, forced growing numbers into Alice Springs, exacerbated unemployment and alcohol problems and increased levels of police harassment. Levels of incarceration have increased more than 40%. The Alice Springs prison, only designed to hold 400 people, now has more than 570 inmates. But the Commonwealth parliament is currently set to pass 'Stronger Futures' legislation which would extend racist control measures in the NT for a further 10 years.

Terrance's family have vowed not to give up the fight for justice. Large numbers in Alice Springs attended a vigil outside the police station last Sunday night. Join this rally and vigil in Sydney at the offices of Tourism NT, funded by the NT Government. While they try to promote the NT as an idyllic holiday destination, we will stand again systematic racial discrimination and demand justice for Terrance Briscoe. A candle will be lit for Terrance to remind the NT Government of his humanity.


Paddy Gibson, Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney on (m) 0415 800 586 or [email protected]

Ray Jackson, Indigenous Social Justice Association on (m) 0450 651 063 (p)02 9318 0947 or [email protected]

Accountability and justice must be delivered for yet another Aboriginal

death in custody
- Amnesty International - 10 January 2012: please click