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Ngoppon Together Inc 11-11-10

Ngoppon Together Inc. - 11 November 2010


Dear Prime Minister Julia Gillard

At the General Meeting following our A.G.M. held this day November 11, 2010, the members and associates of Ngoppon Together Inc passed a resolution condemning the continuing legislation known as the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER).

Many of our members have heard at first hand, the sufferings that this 'Intervention' into the lives of our fellow Australians, the First Peoples of the Northern Territory, has caused, with its far reaching control over so many aspects of people's lives.

We are also not unmindful of the way, since the Intervention, that some of the measures have been employed against Aboriginal people in other states and territories including in our own state of South Australia, particularly in relation to secure land tenure.

As a group of Australian citizens concerned for the well being and basic rights of all, in particular Aboriginal Australians, we are ashamed to know that these measures which have been consistently condemned by highly respected international organisations, such as the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) and Amnesty International, are being continued in our name.

Please advise us when these 'Emergency' measures will cease.

In particular, we urge your Government to have the courage to abandon the weakened Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) due to be technically 'reinstated' in December 31, 2010 with many of its basic powers abrogated. In particular is our concern that land held by Aboriginal communities under title will still be compulsorily acquired by Government with no redress possible to the communities concerned under the RDA. We urge you and your Government to rather work to genuinely reinstate the RDA with its full powers.

Yours sincerely

for Ngoppon Together Inc.

David Haines Public Officer, Ngoppon Together Inc

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