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(Koori Mail, 21.11.07)

Eleven years of leadership
to white out difference
and create just ‘ONE great Tribe,
one Australia' (Sydney Morning
Herald headline 12/10/07).

‘Strayan', you know,
mainstream services,
make all the same now,
Sameness is in,
Like ‘One Nation', like
Hanson's fish and chips.


No guilt. No victim.
No black arm band.
No ‘Sorry' way.

But will write a preamble of Symbol
in the Constitution
to say, ‘once many a tribe left
their footprints on the land'!
For museum and gallery showcase only.

We sure want their Black traces caked in
like museum iron cast pieces
of connected head chains
and prisoners' iron ball rings.

For those still truly alive,
Back to Mission space, my friend!
Assimilate or Perish!

A new INVASION or a new
With a 21st Century stroke of a pen,
the gubba sends in an army of police,
medicos, welfare people,
without needing permits,
troops who can legally invade
remote black homelands
for at least five years
to hunt down child abusers.

What a lucky break
our Little Children are Sacred report gave
our national visionary leader
enabling him to legislate
to send in the troops and
hide behind a trendy law
of reverse cycle (racial discrimination)
and climate change (mainstream
everything to one ‘Strayan' way)

The community's welfare cheques
can now be quarantined
by good-hearted administrators
for worthy expenditures,
definitely not for grog
to dull the pain
of a ‘dying' race.

Back to Mission space, my friend!
Back to the Future!
Assimilate or Perish!

Legislation escapes
Land rights, Human rights,
any rights that don't suit
the neo colonialists who, however,
are willing to write a lovely preamble
admitting this country is not terra nullius
when they first arrived,
and sing hymns of praise
of ‘She'll be right, mate.'
We're all egalitarian now-
One Dream, One Nation.

If Blacks want their own land,
they can buy their own!
Interested in a 99-year lease?
Negotiate (if they can),
That's our strategy, wedge politics,
Survival of the fittest clan,
our brand new rule.
If elected,
we promise to sign the death warrant:
Multiculturalism is dead.
Land rights is dead.

But watch out, fellow ‘Strayan',
two faces of the same coin
brand each other:
the Economic Conservative!
Same Choice! One Nation!

Oh bipartisan saints who humanely
send in the troops
to protect our sacred little children;
they promote individual tax cuts
for worker's choice to choose a dream
that can be bought! (election bribe)

Voters, come help ink in
an imposed national amnesia,
vote for ‘Reverse Cycle
and Climate Change'!

- Deborah Ruiz Wall -




Reproduced with the kind permission of Deborah Ruiz Wall