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19 Jan 2009 STICS Flicks


STICS Flicks

Monday, 19th January 2009



Film by Natalie Wasley about the ‘commando-style' police raid of Kunoth Town Camp outside Mparntwe (Alice Springs)
Canberra, Can You Hear Us?
by Karoline Morwitzer of STICS, and
Part 1:
Part 2:
The Intervention: Katherine, NT
, directed by Julie Nimmo



Karoline MorwitzerJulie Nimmo
Karoline Morwitzer, STICS Julie Nimmo, film director

Uncle Rex Granites JapanangkaGeorge Newhouse
Uncle Rex Granites Japanangka, George Newhouse, solicitor representing NT communities'
from Yuendumu claim to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial
. Discrimination

On 19th January, STICS hosted a film screening at the Teachers' Federation Auditorium that was well-attended and well-received. An audience of around 95 came along to see three films that STICS had put together to promote the Convergence on Canberra taking place from 1 to 3 February 2009 to protest the Northern Territory Intervention.

The first film was about the residents' response to a raid on Kunoth Town Camp in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) during October 2008, made by Natalie Wasley of the Intervention Rollback Action Group (IRAG) in Mparntwe. Although there were technical difficulties in showing the film, significant parts of residents' stories were shown, including that of a woman whose grandchildren were harassed by police, and the organisers of a demonstration in Alice Springs where an official complaint was handed to police. Further information about the events is available at the IRAG website:

Following that was 'Canberra, Can You Hear Us?' by Karoline Morwitzer of STICS. In the format of a series of interviews with residents of Yuendumu and Mparntwe (Alice Springs), the film documented the feelings that residents of Prescribed Areas under the Intervention had about the Intervention, and their hopes for the Convergence. Hoping to highlight to the Australian public, and the world, the injustices of the Intervention, Prescribed Areas residents appealed to people to support their efforts. (Part 1: and Part 2:

Another film by Karoline and the STICS Media Working Group, 'To: Yuendumu, From: STICS', a video letter from the STICS Collective illustrating our activities in support of their campaign to end the Intervention, was unable to be screened due to technical difficulties. This film will be available very soon via the STICS website.

Uncle Rex Granites' impromptu speech about his experiences under the Intervention, and George Newhouse's presentation about the racially based nature of the policies were a strong back-up to the film's messages.

Julie Nimmo

Although screened in 2008 on ABC television, Julie Nimmo's 'The Intervention: Katherine, NT' was a powerful message about the effects of the intervention upon Prescribed Areas. Detailing the experiences of people in four Prescribed communities around Katherine -- Barunga, Beswick, Eva Valley, and Binjari -- the documentary examines the issues of violence, abuse, and stereotyping directly and honestly. The words of residents in those areas, highlighting the shame, humiliation, anger, and disillusionment felt at the hands of the Intervention highlight thehuman suffering resulting fromthe paternalistic policy of the government. The film questions the effectiveness of the Intervention as a policy, raising a number of concerns with the entire Intervention approach.

Julie Nimmo kindly attended STICS Flicks, and gave a Q & A session with the audience about the film. Audience members were strongly supportive of further action being taken to combat the Intervention, and further use of the film to inform the public about the injustices of the Intervention. Nimmo also read out a further statement by Irene Fisher of Sunrise Health -- the providers of health services to the four communities -- who features in the film, and whom STICS met with earlier in the year. Irene will be attending the Canberra Convergence; her statement will be available on the STICS website soon.

The discussion also featured updates from the Northern Territory, such as the failure of the electronic system that manages welfare cards over the weekend, meaning that families had to go without food, and that welfare income was going missing with alarming regularity.

Overall, STICS felt that the screening was a success, andinvited everyone who attendedto cometo the Convergence, and bring along their family and friends!

Thank you to all the audience members who attended the screening, and a special thank you to Uncle Rex, Julie Nimmo, and George Newhouse for speaking at the event.

audience members


Come hear voices from the Northern Territory speak about life under the Intervention and the struggle to support them in Sydney.


Film Itinerary

To: Yuendumu From: STICS

The first film, made by members of STICS, was intended as an electronic letter of solidarity to the NT community Yuendumu, as well as to other NT communities.

In September 2008 a national convergence was held in Alice Springs against the Intervention and in support of communities fighting it. At this convergence Yuendumu invited people out to their community for an ‘Intervention Tour' and a speakout on the basketball courts. Those who attended were deeply inspired by the strength and power of this community in their fight against the Intervention.

Those who attended this trip to Yuendumu from STICS wanted to strengthen this relationship that started to develop and give a message of solidarity to all other NT communities as well.

The film chronologically goes through the activities of STICS coming back from the convergence in Alice Springs and includes personal messages of solidarity to Yuendumu and the NT.


Canberra, can you hear us?

The second film details the reasons why people from the NT wish to converge on Canberra on the 1st of February 2009. Footage from Human Rights Day in Alice Springs and Sydney set the scene for interviews of prominent activists and community members of Alice Springs and Yuendumu. The interviews were recorded in December 2008 by STICS member Karoline Morwitzer.


The Intervention: Katherine, NT

Film director Julie Nimmo will be attending!!!

The final film was first previewed on ABC TV in October 2008. The success and failures of the Emergency Intervention as experienced by Indigenous communities living in the Katherine region.


All funds raised at this film night will go to buses and logistics for the Canberra Convergence on February 1st 2009. The estimate for funds needed, based on last years convergence, means we need to raise about $40, 000 nationally just for transport from the NT. Any support will be appreciated!

For more information contact: Maia on 0421 726 536 or Karoline on 0432 661 739.

Flyer for the Film screening