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Thursday, 5 May 2011 at 12 noon:

Protest outside the offices of Indigenous employment Minister Mark Arbib demanding 'Jobs with Justice' for Aboriginal workers. Greens Senator Rachel Siewert and a representative from the CFMEU will launch a petition demanding back pay for Aboriginal people working for the BasicsCard under the NT Intervention and investment in proper jobs for all communities. The petition will go to parliament later in May.

Download the flyer here


Protest: Stop the NT Intervention - Jobs with Justice now!

Petition launch and rally 12pm Thursday, 5 May
70 Philip st - Sydney CBD

Senator Rachel Siewert (Australian Greens)
CFMEU representative
Dootch Kennedy (Illawarra Land Council)

In May, a petition sponsored Unions NT and the CFMEU demandingjusticefor NT Aboriginal workers will be presented to the Senate. On May 5, the petition will be launched in Sydney by Greens Senator Rachel Siewert and the CFMEU. The petition demands backpay at award rates for Aboriginal people working for Centrelink payments, half quarantined on a 'BasicsCard', as part of the reformed Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) introduced alongside the NT Intervention.

You can sign the petition online here:

The petition has a particular focus on the use of 'BasicsCard' workers by the $672 million Intervention housing program (SIHIP). While contractors like Leighton's Holdings have made millions from SIHIP, Aboriginal people working on housing renovations have been paid as little as $6 per hour. Thousands of NT Aboriginal workers have been made unemployed by reforms to CDEP and many others are suffering under the exploitative conditions of the new program. Most remote communities have been deemed "economically unviable" by the NT Intervention and stripped of resources and employment in an attempt to force Aboriginal people into the "mainstream". Living conditions are deteriorating in the these communities and enormous pressure is being put on urban centres like Alice Springs as people migrate to town. In response to the mounting social crisis in Alice Springs, the federal Labor government has announced an extra 100 CDEP positions to complete jobs such as installing post boxes, cleaning graffiti and landscaping. This is continuing the gross discrimination against Aboriginal workers - people will only by paid Centrelink and the BasicsCard for what should be proper municipal work! Take a stand against racism. Join the fight for an end to arrangements forcing people to work for the BasicsCard. Demand investment incommunity based employment programs across all Aboriginal communitiesthat pay proper wages and include the right to join unions. Join the lunchtime rally and petition launch on May 5 at the officesof Indigenous employment Minister Mark Arbib

Organised by: Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS)

Contact: Jean 0449646593