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Alice Springs, Gathering , 6-9th July, 2010

Alice Springs Intervention roll-back action group - with updates from prescribed people, and national events:

CAAMA - Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association -

'concerned Australians' - without Justice there can be no Reconciliation -

Coorabin - Fantastic newsletter with information on a broad range of Aboriginal issues, including articles on the NT Intervention. To subscribe or for further information contact the Coordinator, Garry Mallard, on (02) 6492 0355, Mob: 0412 249 218, email: [email protected]

Creative Spirits Info -

Crikey - online news with critical intervention coverage:

Darwin Aboriginal Rights Coalition (DARC):

Ears to the Ground:

Intervention Walk Off's Blog -

Koori Mail -

PAW Media -

Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective (MAIC) -Usually meet every Monday, 6:30pm at the New International Bookshop (NIBS). The bookshop is easily found in the basement of the Trades Hall building located on the corner of Lygon and Victoria Streets in South Carlton -

MJA - The Medical Journal of Australia -The Northern Territory intervention: voices from the centre of the fringe - and the latest documents at

National Indigenous Times: for outstanding coverage of the NT Intervention and other Aboriginal rights issues:

"OUR GENERATION" -ground-breaking new documentary on Aboriginal Rights - and

Social Policy Connections -

Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS) on facebook -

Students for Indigenous Rights - University of Queensland -

Treaty Republic -

The University of Melbourne, Radical Church - - scroll down for article of 20 May 2010: A response to the Intervention

UTS - Jumbunna -

WGAR - Working group for Aboriginal Rights:

With a Social Justice Focus:

Women for Wik: What's Working:

There is a widespread damaging myth, promoted by media reporting that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders continue to have problems because nothing that is being done is working. These 'failures' are then used to justify policies and practices that repeat past mistakes and ignore the evidence of what does work. Womenforwik wanted to shift these damaging views by offering examples and evidence of the many programs that do work because they are run by and with Indigenous people.

So is a new website, designed to show both the public and governments the evidence through listing projects that work. We have three categories:

1. What's working now- successful projects that are run/controlled by Indigenous people
2. What was working - (until it was defunded or ran out of funds), projects like those above that were working well till policy changes (like CDEP) and/or short term funding closed them down.
3. Good work! - that acknowledges good stuff that happens in government Departments or other non Indigenous organisations that involve Indigenous decision making.

We need people to tell us about projects that fit in those categories. check the website or email me with as much detail as you have, in particular contact details for the project.

[email protected]