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Dear Mr. Calma

We are on the Australian Human Rights Commission Mailing List Service so that we are kept aware of the issues that you address and we have the upmost respect for the impact you are making for the indigenous community.

But Mr. Calma here in The Sydney Basin the local aboriginals never get a mention about the basic human rights that we have endured from 1788 up unto present times.

It is common knowledge that 1788 signaled the arrival of the first fleet; the start of the decline of the Sydney Basin Aboriginal Peoples. Prior to this we were several flourishing Nations dating back 50,000 years. What was to follow was devastating for our people who lived in harmony with the land and respecting what it produced and provided for our people to survive.

We initially gave the British fleet and the new arrivals our hands of support only to find that we be used and end up losing all their rights this extends to this day; initially, our communities were devastated by smallpox which greatly reduced our numbers then there were the murders, raping of our woman, forced removal of children, dispossession of traditional lands which denied us our way of life and later be used against us in our native title claims but most of all the destruction and pollution of our land which is still going on even today. The loss of basic human rights, Indigenous Human Rights

As you would be aware we never invited anyone to come into our land or to govern us yet they did and the injustices have not ceased they have created so many different bodies to what they believe was best for us which included the Aboriginal Protection Board and today we have Land Councils. Our Elders (who were still hiding their Aboriginality after enduring the Aboriginal Protection Board) and did not have the skills or were they prepared when the Wran Labor Government formed the NSW Land Councils which were quickly filled by the usurpers that are denying us our basic indigenous rights by refusing to allow us to have a say about our land and ARE ENGAGED IN THE CULTURAL GENOCIDE of our people by denying them their Heritage and Culture.

Even with our applications for ILUAS we have had them trying in every way they can trying to deny us the use of our land and as you would be aware Mr. Calma it is about trying to preserve our land so can you please advise me why this ongoing persecution of the Sydney Basin Aboriginals can be allowed to go on have had Elders from La Perouse crying that they were losing control of their land through the land councils being stacked with Aboriginals from out of the area and Torres Strait Islanders who do not come from these lands but taking away our rights away by sheer numbers.

These land councils are filled with family members and might only have ten members at these meetings non being the traditional custodians because they refuse to allow them membership and these people are selling our land yet do not give back to the community they deny medical treatment to many Darug who go there yet treat others they tell everyone that the Darug are extinct knowing that is not true being a proud descendant of Gomebeeree chief of the Boorooberongal clan and father of Yarramundi and Maria.

My family would be one of the most researched Aboriginal families yet we as a community are still being denied our basic rights by our own people who believe, we being the Urban Koori in 2008 are too white to be Aboriginal or to have a Heritage and Culture what do we tell our children?

I suppose I write this letter because of the suffering of a generation of Elders who feel they are to blame for the loss of their children's Heritage and Culture Mr. Calma this generation have suffered too much so I ask you please look at the issue of my people and the suffering we have endured since 1788.

This weekend our people are taking our young to Yellomundie Regional Park to teach them about their Stories, dreaming and Heritage and Culture but what do they face in the future if this is all owed to continue so I ask you Mr. Calma please on behalf of our people please look at these issues for us as we also need your assistance here.

Hugs & Smiles

Sandra Lee



The Traditional and Spiritual Custodians of Darug Land