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Free upcoming Building Bridges 2012 –
with Aunty Daphne & Sue Gillett on

Back to the Future: NT Intervention & Income Management

Wednesday, 22 August 2012 - 7.30 pm

The Jubilee Room, Parramatta Town Hall
182 Church Street Mall

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Information about Income Management (IM):

Media Release 30 July 12 -

"Senior APY leader rejects claim that communities want income management"

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SPECIAL ISSUE Journal of Indigenous Policy
The Case of Income Management
by Eva Cox
"This special issue examines the many reports, submissions and research projects that influenced or, more importantly, failed to influence the Government's decisions on income management policy. The evidence in this issue can be used to lobby for policies that will work post the Intervention and for teaching examples of good and bad policy making. The publication demonstrates the serious lack of evidence for the benefits of income management. This finding questions why the Federal Government is continuing and extending compulsory and so called voluntary income management. Please download and distribute the document."
Eva Cox Research Fellow Jumbunna IHL UTS.

The lack of evidence for the benefits of income management - Oct 2011 - by Eva Cox:
"This is the view of almost all major welfare agencies, most Aboriginal health and local community organisations as well as independent research groups, with one notable exception, the NPY women's group. The near consensus is that genuinely voluntary IM should be made available and compulsion only used where there is evidence of substantial self-harm or families at serious risk of harm. ... The following list includes reports offered by FAHCSIA officers as ‘evidence' of the benefits of IM, with our brief comments and reports. We also list reports with alternative views on the claimed benefits." - please click here

20 Jun 2011 Bankstown Forum on Income Management: please click here

Women's Experience of Income Management in the Northern Territory
- During May and June 2011, Equality Rights Alliance documented women's experiences of Income Management in the Northern Territory. We want the views of women living with Income Management to be heard in public discussion of Income Management policy. -

To download the report: please click here

29 Mar 2010 Forum: Welfare Quarantining and the RDA: please click here

Explanation of the New Legislation (including IM) regarding the Racial Discrimination Act: please click here
or here - 2010

Document by Eva Cox, Chair of WEL of 14-3-10: please click here

Greens NTER Report 2010: - see page 11 (The national introduction of indiscriminate mandatory income management)

Document by Tom Mayne, Reconciliation for Western Sydney: Please click here - see page 3

Info on Income Management by Western Australian Council of Social Service: Please click here - [scroll down: under Indigenous Publications: Income Management Update, April 2010]

Info on Income Management by the Greens: please click here - 2010

Response to Reform Bill "Why the proposed bill should be delayed" by Terry Priest with Eva Cox for Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, May 2010: please click here

Info on IM in ANTaR's May 2010 Newsletter, pages 2-3: please click here

Analysis of the Australian Council of Social Services - Compulsory Income Management: A flawed answer to a complex issue - June 2010 - please click here

ACOSS - Response to Income Management policy outlines - 17 June 2010 - please click here


Government info on the new RDA Legislation (incl. IM)  - December 2009 - please click here

Government Welfare Payments Reform - 2011 - please click here

Information about the Consultations please click here

Information about the Inquiry into Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Welfare Reform and Reinstatement of Racial Discrimination Act) Bill 2009 and the Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and Other Legislation Amendment (2009 Measures) Bill 2009 along with the Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and Other Legislation Amendment (Restoration of Racial Discrimination Act) Bill 2009 [introduced by Senator Siewert] please click here

Submissions to the Senate Inquiry please click here


Media Coverage

Basic Income News - OPINION: Dependency: An ideology chasing its tail - John Tomlinson - 10 October 2011 - ...As a group, Aboriginal citizens are the least wealthy section of the society, who face the greatest health difficulties and they get less generous assistance than other Australians. This is sometimes because of the rural and remote regions in which they live. But mainly it is often due to Indigenous people's lack of bureaucratic sophistication coupled with non-Aboriginal racism and governments' determination to foist their ‘best intentions' upon Indigenous citizens rather than to listen to Aboriginal peoples' suggestions.... -

Crikey - Will Caucus allow unproven, dangerous changes to income management? - 31 March 2010 - Take your pick: On the one side is Alastair Nicholson, nearly all major welfare agencies, including sole parent groups, other women's groups, Indigenous Doctors, Academic researchers, a report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, some statistics and one small longitudinal research project who all oppose continuing and extending compulsory income management in the NT and potentially throughout Australia. The basis for the objections range across defending human rights to the practical problems of any such program, but all agree that there is no serious evidence that income management works. -

ABC Radio National - Minister responds to welfare quarantining criticism - 31 March 2010 -

Australian - Noel Pearson hails welfare quarantining extension - 31 March 2010 - NOEL Pearson has called the Rudd government's extension of mandatory income management across the Northern Territory a "historic leap'' into a new era. - -


ABC Radio National - Welfare quarantining - 30 March 2010 -

ABC Indigenous - Universal welfare quarantining will 'punish' - 30 March 2010 - A former chief justice of the Family Court has criticised the Federal Government's push to roll out welfare quarantining to all recipients. -

ABC Radio National - Life Matters - Income management - 25 March 2010 -


Further Info:

Family Responsibilities Commission -

Senate inquiry that covered income management -

St Vincent de Paul Society -

Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs -




Income Management and BasicsCard Information Sessions for
Local Business Owners

To help with the action meet us:
Thurs 20th October 2011 -  6.45pm
Corner of Raw Avenue and Chapel Road
Session being held at
Breakfree Bankstown International Hotel-
477 Chapel Rd 7-9pm

For more info contact Julie: 0423 523 565

For the info sheet: please click here